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Rollin'Sweets Katsudo! is about the girl named Yumehara Tsuru who is already an idol but, she found out the Sweetsu Card, and the Sweetkatsudo System appeared and she went inside it and she was on the mysterious stage! "Why does this happen? It not the right stage!" Said Tsuru. After her performance, she meets a Mouse-like creature named Kuki who is looking for an idol with the Sweetsu Card. But, why is that? The evil villains' team is called Yukimura. They are looking for the Sweetsu Card and Kuki! "UNLUCKY! There is no time to be sloppy, Tsuru!" Said Kuki. "How do you know my name?" said Tsuru. It all because Kuki knows the Tsuru have a Sweetsu card. And yikes! A Tarantula! Not a spider, but a building look-a-like! Tsuru gains a Sweetsu Pass and a Sweetsu Pad and Tsuru transformed into Sweetsu Pop! "HOEEE! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!" Said Tsuru. "You have magical girl idol powers of Sweetsu!" Said Kuki. Let's go and do Sweetsu Together!

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